Is buying and using second-hand industrial supplies safe?

It is one of the most debated subjects in industries where there is a risk of danger – is buying second-hand items both safe and cost-effective?

You will hear the same old clichéd sayings repeatedly; buy cheap – buy twice along with an array of others, but are the sayings true?

Here, we will explore more about the safety and cost-effectiveness of buying used industrial supplies in more detail.

Buying from a leading company solves any issues

Taking a risk by buying from a poorly set up, ‘cheap’ company if you are buying second hand industrial supplies is not a clever move. There are a number of independent companies and second-hand retailers who are in the industry to make quick money, and they should not be trusted.

In some cases, these retailers will source damaged or unsafe parts at lower prices for resale as refurbished or partially used. This is a problem in many industries. However, when it comes to industrial supplies, electronic components or engineering parts, safety is imperative, which is why you should only buy from retailers with years of experience in the trade and a reputation to uphold.

When sourcing used industrial supplies look for the following:

  • A company with a long history and experience
  • A company offering their second hand products for a reasonable price (if they are too cheap there’s probably a reason)
  • A company that has great customer reviews
  • A company registered with all the correct authorities, including Companies House
  • A company with a physical address

In short, at Kontroltek Parts, we only source our used industrial parts from leading manufactures who ensure that the parts are safe before distribution. Therefore, when you choose the right company with professional values, second-hand part sourcing for industrial supplies is not an issue, and in the majority of cases represents fantastic value for money.

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